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Baker DMM is a professional Firm that was established in 2012. We specialize in providing daily money management services for individuals. We help our Clients manage the day to day financial details of their lives and help them achieve their personal financial goals.

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Our Speciality

We believe in thoroughly understanding the needs of our Clients and providing them with the highest quality services to address those needs. In addition to our own qualified staff, we have developed a network of strategic alliances to help us deliver solutions more quickly and efficiently. With our experienced experts and diverse client base, our services are tailored to meet the specific needs of each of our Clients.

What our clients say

“"Chris was a true professional and an integral extension of our team to assist us in accomplishing our annual goals. In addition, he was extremely knowledgeable of the processes and content he worked on, and very efficient."”

Jason A. Powell
Director - Finance, Porex

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  • Attorneys
  • CPAs & Accountants
  • Financial Planners and Advisors
  • Talent Managers and Sports Agents
  • Home Healthcare Businesses (Medical and Non-medical)
  • Health Care Professionals

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Too many of us have the wrong philosophy when it comes to money. We denigrate it – we don’t

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In late 2013 Baker DMM was hired by a young family located in Richmond, Virginia to help them with long-term

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Christopher Baker, CPA

Email - chris@bakerdmm.com


Address - PO Box 14925, Atlanta, GA 30324
Phone - 678.640.8512


Address - 2119 S Tamiami Trail, Osprey, FL 34229
Phone - 678.640.8512